The power of (good) sleep

I am always amazed at the true power of a great nights sleep. There is something so healing in disconnecting from the world and all the troubles it brings for a handful of hours. When things are rocky, they seem so much less so after sleep. I expirienced this today in such a beautiful way. Yesterday was one of the worst days of recent years..and yet today was simply delightful. How can such opposite feelings occupy time so close to eachother? The only thing separating the two was sleep. Now, please know I am not giving all the credit to sleep…really good honest discussion was the lead role, but sleep definately pushed for a best supporting actor nomination.

I have no problem saying this was a real good day. Yesterdays troubles seem so distant and silly. I have not forgotten the weight of them. Far from it. But instead of dwelling on the bad, I’m using the positive energy of this day to strengthen who I am and what I stand for. Why continue to ruin opportunities for joy?


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