Recent days

Remember how I mentioned things being a little rough in my first post? Well, I guess it’s just that kinda week. Yesterday was easily one of the hardest of my life. Actually, things were pretty decent until around 5 or so. Everything is good now, but for quite a few hours there, things were simply not great at all. It is incredible how much a loved one can affect a persons feelings. When one person is sad, it’s almost automatic for the other person to be sad as well. The thing is, when I was saddened by my love’s sadness, I knew I still wasn’t as sad as she was. The thought of that made me even sadder, but still not as sad as she felt. I also am coming to realize how there are such fine lines between emotions. Sadness can quickly become frustration. Even happiness toys with those bounderies sometimes.

I feel like I am writing a bunch of nonsense. Let’s get real. Things in life get hard. Real hard. So hard you start to question the reality of good. The fact remains that no matter how hard something might be, it could always be worse. Contrastingly, it can always be better too. Instead of focusing in on the bad, a person must first recognize that things are bad, but then be willing to make a conscious decision to do something about that.

That was more nonsense. What I just expirienced in life is hard to capture. But the amazing thing, as with most pain and hardships, is that it came to an end. A beatiful one, at that. When two people love each other, their ability and tolerance for pain and hardship increase. They have to. It’s a sign of a good relationship. The struggles we went through were hell. But the warm embrace we shared after was heaven. And as I believe, heaven destroys hell everytime. To stick with the analogy, both heaven and hell come from the same source. It’s easy to get to hell. It doesn’t take much effort. But heaven, well, you have to work to get into heaven. But isn’t the endgame so much better for a little work? I’ll take heaven anyday, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get there. So bring on the hellish times. They may bring us down temporarily, but nothing is strong enough to break us. Just as hell will never rule over heaven, love shall conquor pain everytime. I’ve found my love. I’ve found my best friend. I’ve been blessed with my everything. We’ve been through some hard times, but they’ve got nothing on the countless moments of joy we share. Love is so powerful. It is so amazing. It is so real.


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