fall eyes

My amazing girlfriend described my eyes as ‘fall eyes’. I absolutely love that description. It’s just so fitting. It’s a wonderful thing when a very proper term can be found to describe something. I feel like it is very difficult for most things. Take love for example. Love is hard to define. I am expiriencing the realness of it, but it is still tricky to define. I propose that perhaps there are no words that do it justice. I believe it exists within feelings. Feelings that may be hard to describe, but are ever potent.

Oh love.

I just spent a delightful night and day with my three favorite people in the world. It was truly a special visit. There is something so strong, so awesome that happens when all the people you care most about are together. I am filled with such joy when I see them interacting with each other. As I have gotten older, I have increasingly gained more appreciation for my parents. They are such incredible people. I am thankful for shedding my adolesent ignorance and finally opening my eyes to how great they are. I really felt that this weekend. They are both so genuinely caring. I love seeing how they love and care for my darling.

I am ever amazed at how hardships can really bring people closer together. After expiriencing the worst moments of our relationship, my novia and I shared some of the greatest. She is so great. I love that we are able to sit down and work through the hardships with such care and concern. We really are made for each other. We really deserve each other. God has blessed us each with the best gift he can give us in this world with each other. How awesome.


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