A Few Thoughts

Well, I knew this would happen. I would hit a day where I have no idea what to write about. And it’s only day 3. Oh boy.

A few thoughts from today:

I hate going a full day non-stop without any break until hours past sundown.

It is good to have honest, fruitful, authentic conversations with the people you live with.

Making fried rice isn’t all that hard.

Singing 12 days of Christmas at seminary is a highlight of my time there thus far.

I want to have better friendships.

I really enjoy audiobooks.

Sometimes when I want to save a lot of money, I’m very tempted to spend money instead.

I’m tired of my back and neck always hurting.

I need to just pick up my guitar and play.

Listening to my first sermon gave me some confidence, and self-pride.

Hearing what God (and not Kevin) had to say in my first sermon was incredibly humbling.

I would love to just move away with Meg and a large stack of books.

I often want the future to be the present.

And that’s all I got for now. Turns out there’s plenty to say when you think there might be nothing at all.


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