Mirror Windows

Here I am at work. I have an hour and six minutes to go, and I am so ready. I don’t mind working, but I am tired and ready to be done.

At my work, the windows in the front of the store become incredibly ‘mirror-like’ as the sun goes down. This means that it is very easy to see into our store, and near impossible to look out. On slow nights such as these, all I want to do is sit down with my book and try to relax a bit. The problem is, I’m too uncomfortable to do so with the seemingly one way mirror of the front windows. It wouldn’t be very good for potential customers to look in from the parking lot and see me sitting there comfortably with a book in my hand.

I think this provides a decent analogy for how we should live our lives. It is so easy to think we are in our own little ‘store’ or space all the time without anyone to see what we are doing. It’s important to remember that God see’s our every action, knows our every thought, and understands all our desires. We have become so corrupted in sin that we constantly put our blinds down and act as if God isn’t there.

I don’t know, just some random thoughts.

Next week is finals. I haven’t really thought much about this, but it is probably time to do so. I can’t believe I am finishing up my first semester of Seminary! That’s crazy! It was easily the busiest few months of my life…but it has been great.

I’m excited to see how I do grade wise this time around. It has a different feel from Grand Valley, but I feel like I’ve performed better overall this time around.

Well, I think I might sit down and read my book. I think people could understand if they happen to come in and catch me by surprise. It’s so slow anyway.


7 thoughts on “Mirror Windows

  1. Hi kev! I like your analogy of the windows. It is easy to box ourselves in and forget our creator knows everything about us already. Some deep thinking at V&A! Also, I love how it’s snowing on your blog! Nice touch!

  2. hi honey! 🙂

    i like the new layout… although i think i may have liked the other better. but maybe this one is more you (very simple, no color really) ha! keep writing kev. you have a knack for it and i love hearing what you have to say. 😉

    p.s. i am drinking your superfood smoothie. sorries! i should have given it to you today!

  3. Hey Kevin Sanders! =) Just reading through your blog and really liking what I see. I just wanted to say that I love your analogy with the shop windows. It’s so true that it’s easy to get caught up in your own life and not think that others, especially God, can see what you’re doing, saying, thinking. This post was a good reminder to me about how I want to live. =) Hope you have a wonderful break and Merry Christmas!

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