Christmas Break

It’s Christmas Break! Yes. What a good feeling.

I decided to make this morning feel especially break-ish. I slept in later than I care to admit, brewed some delicious java, read up on all my sports news, and now I’m writing on here. Pj’s are on, Needtobreathe is playing, and the blanket is keeping me cozy. This is a good start to the day.


I believe having little breaks in life is good for the soul. Christmas Break comes right after the busiest time in school. Just as stress levels are maxed out, carpal tunnel has set in, and brain cells are fried, we get rewarded with a few weeks off to do whatever we want to do. I have yet to come across someone who doesn’t look forward to break, or who thinks it’s too short after it comes to completion. Breaks are good, they are natural, they give the body what they need.

Most of the time, anyway.

I always enter Christmas Break with mixed feelings. I am excited to escape from school and all the stress it brings. But with one stressor being paused, another always seems to emerge. As many can relate, spending time with family at Christmas time can be an odd mixture of wonderful and difficult. I love my family and my home, but there is always a certain tension when everyone is under the same roof again. I’m starting to realize how common this is, how the Holidays can be both the best of times and some of the hardest.

I am making some choices this Christmas season.

I will not focus on the tough moments.
I will not let them bring me down.
I will embrace my family for all that they are, and all their wonderful uniqueness.
I will be thankful for how great a blessing it is that I can see my whole family.
I will practice patience.
I will be the me that I like, and suffocate the me I don’t like.

This may be a bit difficult at times, but as I get older I am realizing how important family is, and I need to do my part to make our time together as great as possible.

There are enough scrooges out this time of year…
I don’t want to be just another scrooge.


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