Shoe-Store Ramblings

Okay, I haven’t written in a while, I know.  I have excuses, but you can probably guess them (busyness comes to mind…).  But hey, I’m back, that counts for something, right? I believe so.

We are in the middle of January right now and that means we have entered the slow season in the world of shoes.  There’s not a whole lot to do in a shoe store when you’re not busy.  It doesn’t take too long to try on all the shoes in your size.  And there’s only so much cleaning you can do.  So I sit.  I read.  I eat.  I think.  But mostly, I waste my time on the internet.  For some reason, the FedEx next to our store has free wireless.  Good ol’ Atticus (my mac) has no problem picking up the signal.  Sometimes I am productive, most of the time, I am not.  It is so sad how much time can pass you by without you doing anything of substance.  This is a sad world we live in.  How did people waste time in this manner during the ancient times?  After tending the flocks and mending the fences, what was their time waster?  With the increased busyness of our lives, the rapid development of technology, and ability for  ‘convenience’ of information in our hands, we are wasting more time than ever.  Isn’t that backwards?  Shouldn’t we be creating things to save time rather to waste it?

I know I’m guilty of this.  Most people with any amount of wealth are guilty of this.  I complain about never having time to finish all the books I want to read when I spend worthless hours a week reading status updates and witty comments that are 140 characters or less.  So many of my peers have felt this tension at some point during recent times.  There seems to exist a love-hate relationship with social media in many people.  They hate wasting time, but they love the convenience.  I know I do.  But in thinking how to better spend my time throughout any given day, I realize it comes down to a simple discipline that so many (myself included) struggle with on a daily basis.  Self-Control does not exactly come naturally in this day and age.

Today marks the first day of my second semester in Seminary.  This semester I want to work hard on practicing self-control.  Each day we are faced with decisions that either increase or hurt our ability to maintain self-control.  I want to work on the little things and hope to seek a better feeling of peace and time-well-spent throughout my days.

I don’t always mean to be all serious on this here blog, but it seems that whenever I sit down to write, something serious and unexpected comes out.  That’s partly the beauty of writing.  Anyway, hopefully  I will write on here again soon.  Perhaps the next post will be cheery, include pictures, and not include anything serious.  Only time will tell if this desire becomes reality!

On another note, I want to change my blog name. I don’t like this one. Just wanted to prepare you all.


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