Hangin’ with Oliver

Well here I am, hangin’ on a Wednesday night with my buddy Oliver.  For those that don’t know, this is Oliver.

March 19th,2010, Meg and I took a trip to Navy Pier in Chicago and built each other a bear at the good ol’ Build a Bear Workshop.  Hers is Belle, mine is Oliver.

Yes, I admit, it may be odd for me, a 23 year old man, to have a teddy bear (with multiple outfits, mind you).  But Oliver is more than just a teddy bear given to me by my love.

Oliver is a reminder.  This little teddy bear that chills on my bed day-in day-out is a constant reminder to not take life so seriously sometimes.  Oliver reminds me of my childhood when I would pile my stuffed animals together and drape a blanket over them to make a ‘mountain.’  Having a stuffed animal at this stage in my life reminds me that, despite all my adult-like responsibilities I suddenly have, there still is that light-hearted kid within me.

I was fortunate to catch a bit of free time tonight.  Balancing seminary, job, Internship, etc., I don’t often have a large block of time to just relax.  My problem recently, however, is that I can’t seem to remember how to relax.  I find myself slumped on the couch, checking the same 4 websites (gmail, facebook, twitter, sports) over and over, thinking I should do something fun, but never actually taking action.  Let’s just say, I’m not a fan of this.  I feel lazy, groggy, and a bit ashamed for wasting my time in this way.  All I desire throughout the day is a moments rest, yet when I get it, I don’t know what to do with it. I need to embrace that little kid that’s still inside me and read a book, for fun, for hours. I need to use that time more wisely to rediscover the little things I enjoy. Any suggestions?

Anyways, with all that said, it is still very nice to have some time without much to do.  Times like these are few and far between.  I get to sleep in tomorrow-my one day in the week-and I am so excited.

So for the rest of this night (which will be about 12.4 minutes till sleep) I am going to enjoy it, embrace it, cherish it.  I might even cover Oliver with a blanket to make a mini-mountain, who knows. Despite adulthood rushing towards me from every direction, I choose to embrace the little things that remind me of childlike joy and happiness.  I just need to remember a few more of those things!

Oh goodness, it’s bedtime! Goodnight!


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