Sorry Sloth, I Must Work.

This post isn’t really written for you.  This post isn’t really written for me either, at least not fully.  This post is written to trick my mind into a state of productivity and motivation.  I have been caught in a battle of sloth-like tiredness vs. a strong desire for motivation.  I have a paper to write, to finish, and to hand in by the end of the night, but alas, the slothyness within me is winning. So here I am, writing something to try and fool my mind into a strong willingness to write and write until my paper is done.  I am battling a musical stomach due to delicious, but untrustworthy, lasagna.  My eyes have been bloodshot for hours.  By back muscles represent the Rocky Mountains.  But. I must. Write.

I have to write a paper on predestination.  It’s a personal reflection, and as much as I’ve reflected on the topic, I’m still not sure of my feelings.  Oh boy.  But hey, I gotta do it, right? One way or another.  I’ve put it off for long enough.

It’s time to do this.

It’s time to write.

It’s the last thing I want to do, but  truly, I don’t want to be a sloth.

Ok, reeeeeeeeaady……..write!


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