Sweeter Than Sunshine

Good news!  Today, I am in high spirits.  I am truly in a good mood on this Wednesday, and you know what? It is so refreshing.  Yes, I tend to be a fairly happy guy day-in day-out, but to be honest, I’ve kinda been struggling to maintain my happiness in recent days.  But today, I am happy.

I’ve been soaking in the stale pool of my thoughts for far too long these past couple of weeks.  It is not good to think and think…especially not for me.  I have had some good conversations with those close to me the past week or so, and I am starting to regain a healthy perspective on where I am currently at.  For a little while there I was quite discontent.  I was hoping to gain more from certain aspects of my life.  Things such as seminary, my lack of a strong community of friends, and my fragmented schedule have been bringing me down.  Through some (but certainly not all) of my internalizing, but mostly through conversations, I have come to realize I was putting too much hope on these things that simply cannot give me what I desire.  I also realize that I may have been a bit selfish in some of my desires.  While I am sad in many ways that certain parts of my post-grad life are not quite as I imagined, I am hopeful that things will get better.  In fact, today they are.  There is no guarantee that tomorrow will be the same as today, but for now, I am happy.

A quick aside: despite the anxiety in my life lately, there have been some truly great parts.  My girl and I are doing great and having lots of fun as we enjoy this stage of our relationship.  The convos with my friends have been wonderful, and in effect, have brought me a little closer to them.  Those things are good and certainly have given me lots of goodness throughout some otherwise semi-difficult times.

I am definitely in a period of time in which I am starting to process my life and where it is going.  I really am not sure of the details of my future, but instead of dreading that, I choose to see it as an opportunity to explore any possibilities.  Who knows what God has in store for me.  But you know what?  Today, I trust Him.  Sometimes it’s not so easy, but on this day of happiness, it’s not so hard.  Here’s hoping I can maintain that trust through all the good and bad.

I hope you had a good day today.  But if you didn’t, hang in there the best you can, for a good day is coming your way soon, and it will be sweeter than the February sun.



3 thoughts on “Sweeter Than Sunshine

  1. Kevin, I love this post. It’s really genuine! I love hearing what you have to say, especially when you are in good spirits! Annnnnd I’m enjoying your new layout! 🙂 And that pic of you on the side? So cute. haha

    • Thank you honey. You are very sweet. 🙂 I hope you know how much happiness you give me…even in the harder times. And yes! I redesigned! Haha I’m always doing that…but I think I’ll keep this one for awhile! And I know of a great photographer who took that pic! 😉

  2. Hey Kevin,

    I definitely can relate to this post. I’ve been really struggling to feel content in where I am right now, instead dwelling on the things I wish were different or events I am anticipating. My days haven’t been particularly great day for me, but I’m encouraged to believe that it will get better. Thank you for your openness and willingness to share. Post-grad life isn’t exactly what I imagined it to be either, but it’s good to 1) know I’m not alone and 2) be reminded that God’s got a great plan for my life and all I need to do is work on trusting Him to work the details out. Thanks for this Kevin! Keep writing…=)

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