7 and 23, It’s All The Same To Me

How about a nice light hearted post?

You know, life truly passes us by in the blink of an eye. I can recall my childhood as if it just happened. Even though I have gained a lot more knowledge and experience since I was a little lad, I feel as though I can remember how I used to think and operate in those easy days. Sometimes…sometimes I still feel like being that kid again. Let’s go back and see what it would be like.

We’ll place me at about 7 years old or so. For starters, you must know that I had a pretty thick speech impediment as a youngling. I took speech therapy from the time I was 2 years old until I was 12. So at 7, you could understand me, though many letters and words sounded a bit skewed. I was always very comfortable at talking when I was around my family and friends, but I was a bit more shy around those I didn’t know so well.

The second thing you must know is what I wanted to be when I grew up. The answer is quite obvious really. I wanted to be Robin Hood, of course. Disney’s Robin Hood was, and still is, my favorite Disney movie. It was also my introduction to the legend of the Prince of Thieves. There was something attractive and exciting about wanting to live a life that helped those that needed it, feeling the heaviness of a situation, but still enjoying life all the same despite it’s hardships. Okay, I may not have thought exactly that as a 7 year old, but projecting my current thoughts back on my 7 year old self, I can see how one could argue that I am currently doing my best to become my own personal Robin Hood, at least under that description. I’m not too savvy with a bow, and I don’t live in the woods. But otherwise, I’m basically Robin Hood. Yesss.

I had a fascination with action figures and stuffed animals. Contradictory? I think not. Have you ever combined Ninja Turtles, Batman, and large stuffed polar bears in an intensive play session? If not, I suggest you add that to the top of your “I absolutely need to do this” list. It’s a riot. Okay, the stuffed animals did act as a source of comfort for me as well, not just as exciting elements in the fantasy world where the Ninja Turtles and Batman were allies. But in retrospect, I think I am still similar to this little 7 year old Kevin. I would venture to say that I am a fairly well-rounded individual, enjoying different elements of life that at times seem contradictory.  There is the action figure side of me, the man within me that enjoys sports, technology, and strong male friendships.  There is also the teddy bear side of me as well, appreciating deep conversations, cuddling, and the occasional bout of sensitivity.

There is so much about being a kid that seems so harmless, and so appealing, now as a 23 year old man.  But deep down I know that things weren’t always easy then.  Having to eat the peas I ‘thought’ I was allergic to was a traumatic experience for me.  Although it seems so trivial to me now, the anxiety and anger I felt then about having to eat my peas was just as real and potent as something truly difficult and saddening that happens to me now.  All things are relative.

Remembering our childhood is such a refreshing, therapeutic way of appreciating who we are now, and what we are doing in life.  Well, at least it is for me.  I just want to make the 7 year old Kevin proud with who he’s become.  So far I think I’m doing a pretty good job, but it’s always nice to look back and see how my current reality lines up with my childhood dreams.  I guess that means I should practice shooting a bow a bit more, but otherwise, I’d say I’m doing a pretty good job. It’s helpful to remind myself of these things when I’m busy and bogged down with the stresses of school/internship/work/life.  There still is a little kid within me enjoying the finer things of life, even if it sometimes gets too busy to realize it.  Play on, 7 year old Kevin. You’re the man.




2 thoughts on “7 and 23, It’s All The Same To Me

  1. kevin frederick sanders! i would have liked to be your friend when you were a young chap. i like this post, it’s fun to think about childhood every now and again eh?? oh hey, want to watch robin hood with me sometime? great, i’d love to! 🙂 and honey… you are the man. you’re MY man! ohhh snap, i’m so incredibly lucky! love you!

    • haha thanks sweetheart! I would love to watch it with you soon! I just know you’re gonna really like it. Kinda like Back To The Future! I bet we would have been great friends if we knew each other when we were little. I woulda had a crush on you from the start…oh boy. Good thing many people don’t read my blog or this could be too sappy for the public eyes! 😉 haha I love you!

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