Don’t Call it a Comeback.

Just a typical 354 day hiatus. I’m here, writing to you, from my newly named blog: goat rodeo. Why goat rodeo, you ask? Come along with me and find out.

When I was young buck of 15 years old I had a guitar teacher by the name of Brett Spradlin. This Brett fella’ and I would jam out for a half an hour once a week. We. Were. Awesome. From this insanity, we declared that if we were to ever be a band, we would be called goat rodeo. What is a goat rodeo, you wonder? Funny you should ask.

There is no handy webster definition for a goat rodeo. No, the phrase is far too extraordinary for that. Here’s the recipe for a typical goat rodeo.

Ingredients for a goat rodeo:

1 rodeo

Hundreds of goats.

Directions: Mix all ingredients together until utter insanity ensues.  Once insanity is reached, continue mixing until chaos is inevitable. Add a dash of salt and cinnamon.  Viola. You have a goat rodeo.

Consider this blog a digital goat rodeo.  This is a place for my thoughts to find soil and either wither or grow. It’s a place for the unpredictability of my mind to find a home. I welcome you into this goat rodeo. Proceed at your own risk.

Back to the story of my band goat rodeo. We never hit it big, at least not directly. None other than the acclaimed cellest Yo-Yo Ma did me a favor and composed a cd with a group of talented musicians and titled it “Goat Rodeo Sessions.” Check it out here. Since these fine musicians already created the same sound Brett and I were sure to create, I can instead leave my rock band ways behind and focus on this here blog.

I was recently reminded by my good friend and fellow blogger Joshua of the importance of maintaining a rich literary life through reading and writing outside of the confines of school. So here it is. I shook the dust off the ol’ blog and I’m back at it. I won’t make any promises this time around, but I will try to be on here weekly or so.

So there it is. A new blog title, a handful of new words, and the same old Kevin. Looking forward to the journey with you all. See ya again soon.



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