An Announcement From The Sanders.

Well friends, the last of the leaves are slowly finding their way to the ground, and as the season changes, life moves on.  Meg is cooking chicken fajitas, I’m still in my PJ’s sipping coffee, and our cozy apartment is slightly disheveled.  It is in this context that I sit here with two blankets on my lap to tap away on my dying taped-up computer these words for you, our friends, to read.

The Sanders have some news to share with you!  No, it’s not baby Sanders.  Check back in 2-5 years.  Sorry to disappoint.  🙂  But, as a baby is a new step in the life of a couple, so is the news I am about to share with you.

My wife has a new job!


We are moving!

Let me give you the scoop.  Mary Margaret graduated back in in April.  She has her bachelors degree in Social Work.  Turns out, it is a bit tricky to find quality full-time social work jobs with just a bachelors degree.  Meg has been searching for a full-time job since graduation with little success.  She was blessed to have two part-time jobs during this time. She poured her heart into Safe Haven Ministries, a shelter for domestically abused women and children, and created a strong children’s program to minister to and love these children that have been through so much.  She also took on the challenge of teaching math to fourth and fifth graders, with no teaching experience mind you, and performed admirably in the tough job of being a paraprofessional.  While these jobs gave Meg great experience and provided the necessary pay-checks, the search for a full-time position continued with no success in Grand Rapids.

As soon as Meg expanded her search, however, she landed three interviews.  Things moved fast, and within two weeks of applying, Meg was offered a position at Bethany Christian Services!  Meg is now a Foster Care Licensing Specialist.  That fancy title means that she will be working with folks interested in being foster parents, walking them through all the necessary steps towards becoming foster care providers, providing trainings, handling recruitment, and dealing with complaints.  Yes, it is full time.  Yes, it has an awesome title.  Yes, I am incredibly proud of my awesome wife.

No, it is not in Grand Rapids.

It is with great excitement, some sadness, and lots of trust in God, that we are moving to my hometown of Kalamazoo!

We are excited for this next phase in our lives.

We are sad to be leaving our friends and family (and favorite restaurants) in Grand Rapids.

We are trusting in our Lord who does not lead us astray, but has faithfully laid this path before us.

This is going to be a huge change.  Meg has never lived outside of Grand Rapids.  I haven’t lived in Kalamazoo for six years.  Meg will be starting a new job.  I will be switching V&A’s.  Meg will have to learn the roads.  I’ll keep doing my school work from home (benefits of distance learning!).

We are leaving our first home as a married couple to live in a different zip-code.  We will have to learn the layout of a new Meijer.  We have to get new checks.

To our Grand Rapids family, we will miss being so close to you.  We will miss all our interactions that occur from being in close proximity to each other.  We will miss bumping into you at the store.  We will miss you.  And yet, Kalamazoo is not too far away.  We sincerely hope to stay in touch.  We want to visit you, and you to visit us. A move does not end a friendship, it just creates different opportunities for the friendship to endure.

Kalamazoo, we are excited.  We are ready for you.  We are coming.

They mean it when they say life is a journey, huh?



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