There it goes.
Hours of happiness
Becoming tools of
Leverage for
Meaningless arguments.
It takes a second.
A second of a second,
To first feel
That happiness
Decide it has a better
Place to be.
Blind to reality,
Obsessed with
Pain that
Takes the house of
It’s just as familiar,
Far too familiar,
To dismiss it with


a changing perspective

A Changing Perspective

Now filled with
Expanding silent smiles
Testing and stretching
The confines of a heart.
Each droplet of giggles
Each dab of embracing
Establishes a new precedent
For what a heart will allow.
Feeling and finding the
Notion of happiness dwelling
Within each brush
Of those
Tickle finders.
I hate being tickled.
But not by you.
I guess they call that love.

a guaranteed disappointment

A Guaranteed Disappointment

Seems like a long time since the waiter took my order.
I’m slurping on ice,
Slouching on seat,
Distracted from conversation.
Longing for the moment
That’s become my obsession.

The bread has been broken,
The water has been spilled.

My thoughts a tornado
Of a salad sans-tomato.
My sides grumble with giants,
Grapple with grapes,
Grow weary of waiting.

My mind is mud. My tongue a desert.
This is me
Enjoying the journey

comsuming resolve

Consuming Resolve

Earlobes hate the thought of temples.
Temple drives believers to destinations—
Destiny is hard to swallow.

Swallows fly with fervor.
Fevers lead to freedom and
Schools study organization.
Organizations have agendas.

Argentina tangos
Mangos melt
Felt feels
Peels perish
Paris falls.

Temples love the thought of earlobes.
But freedom—
Freedom hates the thought of failure.

no tears today

No Tears Today

Eyelashes dry and brittle
Lament songs of loss.

Marathon nose—
Never as a hose to a waterfall.

Sighs and wails consider escape
but dare not.

Ears turn red, brows furrow,
Expressions struggle between north and south.

Fingers spasm a dance,
Feet threaten the ground.

Thoughts enter forbidden depths
Patrolled by haunting pasts.
Pain is felt.
And yet no tears are shed.

Numbness is the king of emotional hell.